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Would You Rent This House In Panama For $100/Month?

A friend of mine rents a house in Las Tablas, Panama for $100 per month.  The house is about 10 minutes to the nearest beach and 5 minutes to the town center. 

Las Tablas, a mid-sized town near the coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula, has apparently been named a “top place to retire” by one promoter or another… or so I was told by a gringo real estate agent pushing pricey properties for sale in the area.

Home sweet home in Las Tablas, Panama for $100 per month

I’d suggest the idea that Las Tablas offers a decent standard of living, depending on how you define the terms “living” and “decent”.  Certainly I’ve seen worse communities to call home, and Las Tablas, in terms of affordability, is hard to beat.  You can drink the water right from the tap and you can eat lunch that’s healthier than any fast food chain for about $4.00.

The nearby beaches aren’t the nicest I’ve seen, but you can generally get what you need to live a decent life without too many hassles.  A small but growing expat community has started to take form, a trend I expect will continue in coming years.

It’s not a big house, granted.  It’s not in a fancy neighborhood either, but it seems safe enough and the neighbors appear friendly.  The house has three decent sized bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, a rather small kitchen that’s been expanded into the rear patio for extra counter space.  The spacious front patio offers enough room for a dining table, chairs, and hammocks.  The back yard includes fruit trees and plenty of open space.  The lot size is maybe 3000 sq. ft.  It’s not a McMansion, but what more do you really need?  Parking is kinda tight, you have to parallel park between two palm trees.

Add high speed internet for $50/month, Cable TV for $50/month, water for $10/month and electric at maybe $50/month (if you use A/C at night).  So all in, we’re up to $260/month, or about $9/day.  It costs more than that to park a car in a major city in North America.  All in, one could probably live pretty well here on under $500 per month.

I imagine with some fresh paint, newer furniture, and modern era appliances, this place would do just fine for a lot of people on a limited budget…

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  1. Larry

    Is this house still available? I would be interested for a 2 – 3 months rental, perhaps longer.

  2. texas mike

    Well said about LT. I live here. The prices you wrote about are right on…but retirees need to think twice about buying. Rent is cheap here (I pay $300 monthly for a 3 bedroom, two bath house, fully furnished). At my retirement age, if I bought it, am I just buying something the kids are going to sell a few years down the road? I elected to rent and enjoy what money I have, and the amenities from that money. Whats left after I’m gone, they can have.

  3. Clark Kent

    Can you email me the current rental listing in Las Tablas……

  4. anna alcott

    love to see some current rentals as I know this one has been on site for many months and obviously not available

  5. Barry

    Will Be in Las Tablas area on the 19 of July. Would really like to see some long term rentals. One request it needs to have A/C. at least 2 bedrooms.

  6. Charles Odom

    I will be in Las Tablas in August of this year. I am interested in renting to own a home in a decent area. If you have properties to rent to own please advise and I will schedule an appt to see you when I arrive and would be interested in seeing or reading about anything you have at this time. Thank you,
    Ken Odom

  7. SKruger

    I would live to get a two bedroom near the beach and if its decent would be willing to pay upwaqrds of 800 a month..hopefully very close to the beach.
    Let me know whats available.
    I Might consider renting to owe.

  8. jack

    I would be in favor of renting such a home. I could afford $250.00 per month. I am an American citizen, currently in the Philippines. There is no availabilty of U.S. grocery products here. No Stouffers, Marie Callendar, rye bread, Ball Park franks, Green Giant,Oyster Crackers, B & M Beans etc. Canned soups, Campbells, Progresso are rarely found and if found, expect to pay triple of the U.S. cost. The local beef tastes tainted.

    Additionally, having something shipped here from the U.S. is very costly and unreliable. I have strongly considered a return to the U.S. After all, my Medicare is accepted there.

  9. leanora smith

    Iwill be in panama island in mwy ..i am looking for a house for long term rental ,about 6 months….if anybody know anywhere can send me an email please…i can pay 250 the maxium…thank you,.

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  11. Donna

    Would like to rent a furnished house on beach in Las Tablas. Saw one a couple of months ago for 275. I am looking for 3 months in the fall with possibility of extending lease. Thanks

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  13. geoffinaus

    I am looking to retire and need a inexpensive furnished property to rent.

  14. james

    I am always looking for an inexpensive place to stay anywhere near a beach in panama. If anyone reading this has a home for rent (must be quiet and have high speed internet!) has any suggestions or knows of such a place (I have rented near the beach – nice house for less thatn $600 a month ALL BILLS PAID) please drop me a line at my e-mail address:



  15. Ellie

    We are looking for a long-term rental beginning September 2011. We already live in Panama and want to move near the beach. Please contact us right away with more information. Thank you.

  16. Darlene Hodge

    My husband and I intend to be in Las Tablas mid May 2012 until Mid Nov. 2012, If you have any current information on rentals could you please forward them to us . House does not have to be $100 a month but it needs to be clean and reasonable preferably with ac if needed. We would appreciate any information you might have we could employ you if you are available.
    D. Hodge

  17. John

    Great article! Based on what you wrote, you are weighing the financial risks/gains from buying a house in Nevada or Las Tablas. I don’t know your age, so, if you are young, I can see why this would be an important factor in making your decision. You also mentioned other things to consider, such as safety and the friendliness of the people in Las Tablas. I have not been to Las Tablas yet, but I will be visiting the town and many others next month. At 61 years old, I am looking for an active, but quiet and peaceful place to live where it is safe and the people are friendly, all of which are getting hard to find in the USA. To me, these are much more important than what money can buy. My focus is on the quality of live, not how much money I have. Been there, done that. Good luck with your decision.

  18. MJ

    do you have another deal like this? I am in Panama in a few days.

  19. Alexis

    By boyfriend & I want a winter vacation in Las Tablas. It would be December 2011. Could you tell me the availibility?

  20. Emilia

    Yes, I would like to rent the house for $100/ month, possibley next year.

    Kindly inform me of the housing availability

    Thank you


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  22. Scott

    I have been too Panama twice in the last year, both to the north of Panama around David and to Panama City. Not once did I feel threaten, or worried about my safety. Nor did I hear stories of crimes against tourists. Everyone I met was polite and courteous.

    If you walk around the downtown area of Panama city you are sure to notice the presents of the police and private guards. This is a deterrent to a lot of petty crime that might otherwise take place if they were not so visible.

    There are certain areas of Panama City I would not venture to go at night but that is true of any city in the world.

    I live outside of Vancouver, BC. Vancouver has a much higher violent crime rate than the entirety of the country of Panama. Walk the downtown area of Vancouver and you are besieged by beggars on every block trying to raise money for their next fix. Not once in Panama City did I see a beggar bothering anyone, the very few I did see just sat with their hand out not bothering anyone.

    I like Panama, the traffic cops instead of ticketing you for speeding “offer” to take a bride from you to let you off, going rate is about $10.

  23. Augie

    Australia has a strict policy with the muslims – integrate and live by Australian laws or leave the country. No ifs, ands or buts.

  24. Jeff O'Neal

    Australia is next door to Indonesia, a major Muslim country. If your premise is correct, it may be less safe than Costa Rica. The secret to Central America is to stay on the West Coast. Columbian traffic stays (generally) on the East coast. When the dollar does collapse, the drug trade may dry up (or at least move to which ever country becomes the economic superpower).

  25. Dee

    There’s a reason Central and South American real estate prices are low compared to North America and Continental EU. Investors want to avoid the higher political risks — many of these countries have recent unstable histories. Astute investors consider the very real question: what would likely happen to such countries should the World’s cop (the U.S.) no longer be on the beat? hmmmm….. probably a better bet to consider countries with origins rooted in democracies, particulary those geographically located far from troubled neighbors (Panama & Costa Rica are too close to Columbia drug lords for my taste). My interests lie toward New Zealand and Austrailia — not cheap, but they have all the right ingredients for ongoing stability even if the U.S. spirals downward.

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