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6 responses to “Why Puerto Vallarta Is Mexico’s ‘Mature’ Retirement Community”

  1. Taylor

    Thanks both for info and for giving the pros and cons. Makes the info seem much more reliable. Nice photos, too.

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  3. Toni

    “The Puerto Vallarta lifestyle should remain attractive as long as the narco traffickers do not bring their war this far south.”

    This is what worries me about moving to Mexico.

  4. Patrick

    Drink the mexican wine from L.A. Cetto in Baja, Valle de Guadelupe and you will get a completely new view on Mexican wine – they are awesome and exported all over the world!

  5. David

    We’ve met expats who r moving from pv to lake chapala. Better infrastructure with expats and far better tear round climate. No perfect place I guess.

  6. Don Johnson

    I went to PV about 6 years ago and fell in luv with the place. When I left; I knew I could do PV; it was just a matter of how. I have since become an English as a Second Language Teacher and I have come up with several business ideas. I would like to start a hot air balloon company and want to know if this is a viable idea given the tourist up-side potential? Also is the a Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce in PV?


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