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Ecuador Beachfront Property Investment

This is one of the few remaining opportunities to acquire resort-grade beachfront property along one of Ecuador’s most attractive beaches.

Actual photo of the subject property

Actual photo of the subject property

Capital Required: $2.5 Million

Subject Property: 67 HA (165 acres) with 500 meters (over 1500 feet) of beachfront.  The property has paved highway frontage along the Ruta Del Sol – Ecuador’s most desirable and heavily traveled coastal artery for tourism.  The property has existing electricity and is ready for development.  The property is mostly flat  from the road leading to cliffs that are a moderate 25 – 35 feet of elevation above the beach.

Location: Prime location 45 minutes south of Manta.  3.5 hours north of Guayaquil.  Near a national park and ideal for whale watching, surfing, fishing, and many other coastal activities.

Upside Potential: A similar property (slightly smaller) is being developed and sold right now at an average of $80/m2 which would put the subject property’s fully developed value at $45 Million.  Conservatively, we believe the property could be sold off in smaller parcels for at least $10 Million with limited risk.  The local authorities are willing to approve seven story buildings, resorts, hotels, and many other types of development. One idea is to sell off the beachfront lots to rapidly return the full investment capital, and retain the rest of the property for condo or hotel development.  Alternatively, the property could be master planned into a beachfront community, hotel/resort complex, or simply held for capital preservation and appreciation.

Risk Assessment: Property in Ecuador can qualify for title insurance from renowned international title insurance companies to reduce risk.  Foreign individuals and legal entities have the same right to own property in Ecuador as the locals do.   The perceived (but not real) risk is the reason this opportunity still exists on the market today.

Why Now? Investing in Ecuador beachfront real estate today is like buying in Mexico in the 1970s, Costa Rica in the 1980s, or Panama in the 1990s.  The reality is that throughout much of Latin America, beachfront land that was originally acquired by old money families is eventually sold to international investors or developers once the owner runs out of other assets to sell to maintain their luxury lifestyle. The property in question offers precisely this opportunity.  Go to Panama or Costa Rica and you will be hard pressed to find any large beachfront parcels that are not already in the hands of wealthy investors with the time and resources to wait for top dollar buy-out prices.

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    Please send me info on the above investment opportunity. Thank You

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