10 Reasons To Consider Paraguay

A fellow subscriber wrote in with this to say about Paraguay:

Dear Sirs

We have followed your website for quite some time now and like the way it is structured and the type of information given. I am a British Expat who currently lives in Paraguay and is married to a Paraguayan wife. I have actually fallen in love with the country for a lot of reasons and although Paraguay definitely doesn´t fall into the touristy place category I can find an ever increasing number of reasons to seriously consider it as a retirement destination:

  • Very low cost of living (for people without children sub $1000 is very do-able)
  • Very strong economic growth due to expanding agriculture & service sector (this year estimated growth is fab!)
  • Sunny and warm climate (about 9 months of sun – 3 months jan-mar perhaps a little too hot)
  • Good healthcare facilities (anything from pharmacies, dental practices, hospitals, etc.)
  • Useless Government is good for economic growth (oddly enough no red tape means continued growth)
  • Crime is an issue however when appropriate precautions are followed it is no more dangerous than in the US or Europe
  • Ample investment opportunities – the place is alive – lots of construction, new investment
  • Did not participate in ´Post Dotcom boom´ in realestate prices – therefore realestate is not overvalued and very unlikely to suffer a drop in prices even as the developed world´s realestate struggles
  • Location – we are 5 mins from airport – 2 mins from motorway – 10 mins from the capital and 5 mins from supermarket, etc. Access is great to everything – we recommend people consider the same area.
  • We are 5 mins from a recreational complex, 5 mins from the largest park complex, 2 mins from gym, 10 mins to Shopping centre (a new shopping centre is under construction 2 mins away) – I mean its buzzing here!

Michael W.

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  1. Profile photo of YankeeYankee says:

    living in PGY part time, buying real estate and working on opening a bar. Paraguay definitely has it’s quirks but is a ton of fun to those who have a bit of an adventurous spirit.

  2. Moved to Paraguay in 2010 and LOVE IT!

  3. Edwin von Borstel says:

    …. I would like to see more English speaking-U.S. people move to Paraguay. It is booming there.It takes a certain persom to move there. I plan on staying there at least 6 month out of the yr there. I will try to be as objective as possible for you. When people, americans think of retiring they dont think of Paraguay as a place to go….that actually is a gooood thing,Also you must get a visa to enter Paraguay…we got ours in Los Angeles,Ca. less then 100.00. Some of these “barriers” are good, because it limits the amount of people that come here,because basically they are lazy, and dont know whats going on!! That said,I have property out in Emboscado…..40 min from the capital-Asuncion.There is a new paved road 98% of the way to my property. The rest is dirt road,unmarked,.5 to.65 miles back to my property. I bought this property 2008-9.It is 10 acreas/4.4 hecters. There is a small house on the property, I upgraded the electricity,have city water and well water. I have european neighbors all around me two other americans at the present time. property values has increased by 30%,none of my other properties have done that in this economy. This is a new country wide farmers market that was built about 15 min from my property,that consists of 3-4, 45,000sq. ft buildings. Wouldnt you say that that is a REAL farmers market. All the farmers rent booths at a minimual rate and sell their vegs/meats/beer/wine/household products direct to the public…me. I own the property outright, the price of a Cadillac Escalade. I hope you are sitting down as I tell you about the labor here. I want to live like the Princes of Saudia Arabia,but Im not that flambount. You can hire staff at an equivalent of 8-10dollars/day…and they are happy and loyal.So, I can have a driver/staff for the land/staff for cleaning the house/staff that accompanies my wife and self shopping.
    I was there last oct/2011…Ive retired as a Chiropractor,hurt my back working on patients,go figure, stayed at the Sheraton in Asuncion,(Guns and Roses came for a concert there in town),I got a massage by a liscensed physical therapist for 97 min…timed it…..$4.50….I felt so bad that I payed her $10.00..for you weirdos out there,this was a legit massage with no happy endings Ok. Next My haircut was $4.00.
    I have to tell you about the people of Paraguay, they are on a whole very,very nice. You have to speak some kind of spanish to communicate with them,and they will do what they can to help you.
    I have traveled,around a bit,and I will tell you that the women of Paraguay, are hands down,the most beautiful woman of the world. They all walk, most of them are poor,but are in great shape,because they walk so much,men,do you catch my drift!!!,My wife is not Paraguain,but looks just like them,and she noticed how beautiful they were,and similiar to their looks.
    There is military police along the road that stop you every once in awhile,checking for drugs,contraband,but if you are not causing any waves ,you are fine.dont give them money are they will come to expect it. The international airport gets you to where ever you want to go when leaving……..my email is drdcbones@aol.com hope this gave you some good insight to Paraguay,a couple can live on 1k to 2k very well in Paraguay,with good medical care in town.

  4. Janis says:

    We are considering retiring out of the US and have been considering Ecuador and Uruguay. Can anyone give me info about Paraguay that would persuade us to move there instead. Any help will be appreciated.

  5. Elvira Florentin says:

    Where about in Paraguay do you live? And how long have you lived there?

  6. Elvira Florentin says:

    I am from Asuncion – Paraguay originally, but I have been leaving in Oxford-UK for the past 15 years, so Britain is like my second home now.

    Just read this article and wanted to say that it is very good to see what people from other countries and cultures think of Paraguay and their experience living there. I do go home to Paraguay as often as I possible can, as my whole family live there, and I would not mind meeting British communities in Asunción and making friends with them, so when I do retire back to Paraguay one day, I can have a bit of both cultures there. :-)

  7. Bob L says:

    I wanted to make a contact there and friend you on facebook if you use it. I am currently in Panama after 13 months in Costa Rica, and while Panama is cheap, I am not totally happy here and am considering another move. Thanks for any help you may offer.

  8. Dr. Edwin von Borstel says:

    Tcenter which ihe one thing i dont like about traveling to Paraguay, is the long flights, missed flights and the lay-overs between flights.I was there two months ago and the place is booming,like Im staying at the sheraton for 3 weeks, they are building a Porsche dealership next door, and on the other side is the ground breaking for the new world trade center that will comprise four towers that are at least 22 stories each. The mall is across the street. my friends are all buying out in emboscado outside of Asuncion.

  9. jorge ferreiro says:

    Thank you very much for the informatiom. I will be traveling to Asuncion in September 2011 to scout a potential retirement home. Can you recommend any attorney and approximate costs to help obtain a permanent resident visa? It seems that a lot of “expatriate advisors” charge outrageous fees.

  10. Max says:

    You’re married to a local! That certainly gives you a leg up on those readers who are not, which I would guess is the vast majority of folks. So, as always in cases where the destination is not one where English is the native language, I have to wonder about the viability of living there without the sort of support structure you’ve gained through marriage. Any insights about expat organizations that may be of help in this regard?

  11. mary ferrari says:

    Can you please let me know where is Paraguay?

    Thank you,

  12. roland jones says:

    hi,i like mountains to live. i would like to get a house and acreage with a spring,creek river or some water on it,in a good area.

  13. david s. says:

    Hello,this good info,because we wish to learn the other options to the most travelled,and known

  14. Dennis Hassler says:

    This is excellent information and gives readers a great perspective. We hear so little about Paraguay.
    I’ve studied several countries and cost comparisions,
    so I’m always interested in local experiences instead of window dressing to sell something for a profit – it’s good to know the real experience of those on the ground with a perspective to offer.
    I love to hear more of these kinds of reports for
    other locations, too.

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