Retiring In Chiang Mai, Thailand On $1,000 Per Month


I have lived in Chiang Mai for the past ten years and will probably live here the rest of my life. My reason for residing here is quite simply: finance, cultural enrichment, physical beauty, and the need to communicate in English. The requirements for obtaining a retirement visa are: one must be at least 50 years of age, have 800,000 baht ($25,806 US dollars) deposited in a Thai bank or 65,000 baht ($2,031 US dollars) … Continue reading

The Reality Of Life In Granada, Nicaragua


I’ve lived in Granada, Nicaragua for the last 9 years so it really feels like home.  But, it’s certainly not for everyone.  Nicaragua, after all, is a very poor country and does not have all the amenities we foreigners are used to.  Countries like Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and most of South America are much, much more developed. Granada is a small colonial city and most places are within walking distance – a big draw … Continue reading

Penonome – “Best Value” Panama Lifestyle


When I first came to Panama nearly 10 years ago, I was drawn by the friendly people, the laid-back lifestyle, the variety of activities and exciting destinations to explore. Since then, many of Panama’s most attractive areas for lifestyle have become much more expensive, with housing and land prices rivaling or even exceeding the prices for similar properties in the U.S. Rock Bottom Prices There is one exception however, sitting right under everyone’s nose and … Continue reading

My First Retirement Adventure Trip: Pedasi, Panama


I have been performing considerable research into retirement destinations for my wife and me as our retirement date quickly approaches. Our goal is to retire in four years to an affordable, safe, sunny, beach in an exotic location where we can become part of the local community and experience rich, local culture. My research, aided by web sites like Retire Worldwide, led me on a virtual journey from South America to Europe to the Caribbean … Continue reading

Paradise Is Not Convenient – A Taste Of Living In Panama

In Panama, some agriculture is still done the old fashioned way.

The dinner party was lively enough. An Australian couple, an American couple and their kids, an American man and his Austrian wife, myself and a handful of other pals… we had all gathered for dinner and drinks at a beach-side villa near Pedasi, Panama. We started with freshly caught tuna, diced into thick slabs of sashimi.  By fresh, I mean my pal Doug had caught the tuna earlier that morning just off the coast of … Continue reading

Receiving Social Security And Retiring In The Philippines

Reader Comment: I am an Australia pensioner, I receive approx $1500 a month pension.. I would like to know if I could live perhaps 5 to 6 months of the year in Panama, or Costa Rica or Uruguay…and still keep my Australian pension, and receive the benefits of the pension scheme in any of those countries. Thank you This is a great question and we do not have a certain answer since we are not … Continue reading

Living And Investing In Cuenca, Ecuador

Living In Cuenca

Why Live In Cuenca, Ecuador? When most people think of living in Ecuador, they think of the sacrifices they will have to make to live in a relatively undeveloped country with poor infrastructure, minimal cosmopolitan amenities, and basic shopping and health care services.  This is, to a large extent, a true assumption.  However, there is one place in Ecuador that outshines the rest of the country in this regard and that is Cuenca. Cuenca could … Continue reading

Vilcabamba, Ecuador – How the residents of one small but extraordinary Ecuadorian town are co-creating a blueprint for better lives.

Hello everybody my name’s Nick Vasey, and for the last few years I have been a resident ex-pat in a small but famous town in Southern Ecuador called Vilcabamba. In this post, I am going to share a few thoughts and observations with you. It would seem we are currently living through what are most certainly very troubling times … especially for the developed countries of the world. This is the primary reason I relocated myself … Continue reading

Retire In La Paz, Mexico

photo by mikebaird via PhotoRee La Paz Lifestyle Highlights Live cheap and well in the one of the cleanest, safest cities in Mexico Dine on some delicious Mexican food and fresh seafood Go on a whalewatch cruise and see some of the world’s most beautiful and majestic creatures up close Take a class on Spanish language or local culture and find yourself fitting in like a local About La Paz Baja’s capital, La Paz, sits … Continue reading

Retire In Loreto, Mexico

photo by ripkas via PhotoRee Loreto Lifestyle Highlights Revel in the music and dance during the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto festival Explore the colonial history of Baja from one of the places where it all started Play in the outdoors in any number of ways, from fishing to kayaking to scuba diving or golf Dine to your heart’s content on fresh seafood or delicious Mexican food About Loreto Loreto is one of the … Continue reading

Retire In Santa Marta, Colombia

photo by thefuturistics via PhotoRee Santa Marta Lifestyle Highlights Beautiful beaches and jungle walks nearby Soak in the history of Colombia’s oldest living city Scuba dive, kayak, hike, or explore the surrounding areas Authentic South American living About Santa Marta A tourist destination as well as important commercial port with cargo ships coming in and out, in Santa Marta you can observe nature and commerce at the same time. Santa Marta is on the Caribbean … Continue reading